June 03, 2016

Miami Beach Vibe: Beach Cruising

Beach cruising in style? Leave your heels in the city when you come to Miami Beach and choose to ride your beach bicycle in flip-flops (see below my favorites) and/or keds. At least that's what the locals do.

Beach cruisers are these bicycles you usually rent at a hotel on a beach. I always get mine at the Shore Club, where we've been staying for the past 4 years. They can cycle in the sand, but I'd prefer to take it along the boardwalk from Miami Beach all the way to the end of the South Beach and do it so that when I reach the other end of the waterfront, I can enjoy a sunset. The sunsets on that end of the waterfront are amazing, and so is the ride!

Ride on and check some of my other bicycling videos here.

These are the flip flops I'm loving this season:
  1. Slim Paisage Flip-Flop from Victoria Secret
  2. Bruce Top 

June 02, 2016

Miami Beach Vibes: A day in the life of Miami Beach visit

Your fashion style definitely changes when you transport yourself from the urban NYC to the beachy Miami and New Yorkers love it. It's a perfect getaway for the New Yorkers, just a 2.5-hour flight away! And we love it when we can finally get rid of the jeans, sweaters and boots and change into our beach gear that we carefully plan for a year in advance. Kicking off summer with the Memorial Day weekend getaway to Miami Beach is a thing to do for the New Yorkers...and would you blame them?

June 01, 2016

Attention, New York ladies...

NYC hasn't been known to be very family friendly EVER. It's the city for young, ambitious, single people from around the world to come to pursue a career and enjoy the many entertainment perks of the city. However, in the last few years, the city has been warming up to the idea that not everyone wants to move to New Jersey or Connecticut to have a family. So, the city has been trying to accommodate those New Yorkers who do NOT want to leave Manhattan, who still want to enjoy the city but be able to have a family too. One of such neighborhoods is - the Battery Park City where we now reside. One morning I decided to check it out from a perspective of a feature parent-to-be...

May 21, 2016

The Mud Love

If you a true coffee afficionado AND you live in NYC, most likely you know about this Mudruck! Personally, I'm a huge coffee person and I've been hooked on this mudtruck coffee since 2002. It's just the best coffee on a go!

May 20, 2016

From Hollywood with love: It's Judd Apatow!

Stay tuned to HBO! Judd Apatow is in town and he’s shooting new comedy series “Crashing” for HBO in NYC (which he’s not only producing, but directing (unlike the Girls that he only produced) starring comedian Pete Holmes! The other day I not only witnessed them shoot in Soho, but also saw Judd Apatow in person, whose films I love, love, love...

May 18, 2016

From Hollywood with love: How coloring made film Carol magic

Last month, my school - School of Visual Arts, BFA Animation and BFA Film programs presented colorist John Dowdell who discussed with us his work on the Academy Award-nominated film Carol.

I came to meet this post-production coloring genius because whoever saw this film would agree how cinematically beautiful it was made. In two hours of listening to Dowdell, we've learned that most of the movie was "colored" to create the various moods of this beautiful love story - from reflecting rain shadows on the taxi to the light reflection on the flawless skin of Cate Blanchett. There are some shots that were completely colored from what was the original scene and it was amazing to see how it was done.

Here's a little video I made to capture John Dowdell and to show one more time the moments that he made to look so magic (such as their car ride and/or Carol's shopping for a christmas tree...) - he added the coloring that made it so watchable.

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