September 28, 2011

A Colorful Insight: DC Fashion Week 2011

My photo for VOA
Fashion weeks are officially over in USA. They've been now taking Europe by storm...and this might have been such a sight...Ah, [sigh] - for not being there.

It's interesting how a human nature works - you're looking forward to the fashion weeks, but once they are in progress, you're looking forward to the end of them because of all the exhaustion of working at the shows - not to mention the overwhelming amount of design-shots that you then need to sort through and choose the ones that really stand out...But it's very possible that they can ALL stand out and that makes my job mission impossible. I then have to look through hundreds of photos...By the time I'm done, I'm exhausted - and that's THE mistake not to make, because something that you love - like a favorite hobby of yours - should never tire you down to the point that you're thinking of taking a break from it :)

Either way, even though I now have tons of photos to pick and choose from the three days of DC Fashion Week, I'm still behind on all the NY Fashion Shows - sorry, sorry, sorry...I promise to lock myself in my apartment tonight - and tomorrow, and the day after - to work on those images!

Photo: my photo for VOA
I promise, the shots from DC Fashion Week I will post later today - [tomorrow at the latest xoxo] - are really great...

There is a thing about DC Fashion Week - the crowd might be a not-so-fashionable, but it still has nothing to do with the designers' work, who this time around had some interesting - [on the verge of peculiar] - ideas for clothes and accessories for men and women...

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