September 18, 2011

It's A Wrap-Up: Fashion Week Is Over

If you've ever had a chance to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, you'd know what I'm talking about when I say - it's an experience that would long resonate with you.

The fashion, music, stylish and influential crowd, models and celebrities and, of course, the proximity to the new collections of the leading high-fashion designers in the world - does raise the blood level...That is, of course, if you are interested in this sort of thing. I mean - in the world of fashion and its players.

The excitement for the fashion week starts way in advance, when the collections are previewed in YouTube video bits, models are interviewed about their pre-show diets and street fashion photographers snap photos of the fashion-conscious people on the streets of NYC... It all adds up to both - a high expectation for the designers' collections [please, surprise us, and please, make the clothes look effortlessly wearable] and - a strong desire to be, hear, taste and see the new collections up close and personal....

The preview of Naeem Khan runaway is coming...

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