September 11, 2011

Milano Nails... KIKO

On my road trip in Italy a week ago, I couldn't resist shopping in Milano [because if I hadn't, I'd fallen out of grace with many of my fashionable friends....They'd have just never understood, why I hadn't have done it...]

It is the fashionable center of the world, aside from Paris, New York and London. Unspoken-ly many still consider Milan as the "trend setter" city, to which there is a truth as many Italian designers do reside in Milan - the likes of Versace, Armani, Cavalli...

Barely spending two days in Milan is never enough, but it's enough to see the main sites of the city and browse through the window displays and even do some [budget] shopping.

Having a modest budget to spend, I checked out the famous lavish shopping streets of Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga and Via Sant'Andrea, Via Manzoni, Via Borgospesso and Via Santo Spirito, but at the end of the day ended up browsing through the more affordable boutiques on Via Corso Buenos Aires.

In my search for a perfect outfit to bring home that I could take to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC (that kicked off last week), I came across the Milano make up boutique - KIKO MILANO MAKEUP, where a very lovely Italian brunette in a very bright eye shadow showed me what's hot in Milan as far as the nail polish is concerned.

A great find I'll keep in mind for my next travels to Italy...I even digged the outlay of their Milan store.
I ended up getting the colors of bright blue and green - oh very "Armani" and very "Gucci", as she puts it that I couldn't resist to try right there on my road trip around Italy. I'm glad I did get the colors, as these colors are, as a matter of fact, ones of the predominant colors/hues for the season.

Gucci, Fall 2011
My other color, that I'll be putting on for the Fashion Week coverage this week, reflect the "green/hazel" cues of Versace and Armani... and a bit of Chloe.

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