September 18, 2011

Misha Barton @ Naeem Khan Show

This year I've managed to attend only one show - the closing show by the American designer Naeem Khan. When I got to my seats, I was very happy with where my name tag was laying, waiting for me - in the front row and right across - Misha Barton, who looked beautiful and seemed to be in good spirits.

That was a pretty nice celebrity sighting, not to mention that she was with Rachel Roy and the ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry - a lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce. Of course, the cameras went ballistic, so did the people who seemed [to know] Misha personally and stopped by her seat to say 'hello'.

It's not only it's amusing to see how the crowd gets saturated around the podium, zooming on their lenses on celebrities and trying to recognize famous people in the crowd, but it's also interesting to see how journalists work. A lady next to me, who I think was some kind of a gossip and/or fashion columnist, while she was trying to glimpse over my shoulder to see what I've been writing in my notes and what directions I was zooming my lenses to, all this time she had NO idea that she was sitting right across THE celebrity - Misha Barton. When she asked me 'who is that girl' and 'why all these people are taking photos of her'.

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