September 19, 2011

Really??? Really!... After Naeem Khan Show, NYC

I do understand that each of us has a personal style and I appreciate diversity of each person, but there is always a line, which one should not cross when it comes to attending a high profile runaway show...So, this is what I saw after Naeem Khan show @ Lincoln Center...

Anything goes. Anything works. As long as it is a statement and not a sloppy way to show [indifference] to the maker of high fashion.

You do brush your teeth when you go on a hot, good-looking, interesting date, don't you? So, take a fashion show as a date and 'brush' up your teeth and hair...Fabulousity is not in the [labels] - it's in the way you correspond and respond to the surroundings. It should be classy, though...Do you agree?

Do you say yes or no to it?

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