September 29, 2011

Tattoo, Anyone?

My photo for VOA
Let's just say - I'm very, very tempted to get a tattoo now...

Photo: VOA
Since the times when I spent a few years in California, I was tempted to get a tattoo...A petite one, of course. It seemed that everyone in California, especially in the SoCA had a tattoo... At the end of the day, I decided to go to a belly-ring instead, which, I thought, would be a safe bet, because it's REmovable, meaning - any time it's out of 'style' - it could be taken out. Anytime it's out of 'comfort' - it could be taken out.

And then again, this year at the DC Fashion Week - nothing like last year at all - most of the models had tattoos! And I'm not even talking about petite tattoos. I'm talking about the all-arm, all-shoulder kind of tattoos - in color too! I wondered, were I the only person in the audience who've noticed them and thought of it a rather 'odd' trend? Or is it just because the designs revealed more of the skin this time around? What's going on???????

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