September 20, 2011

To My Left Side of The Lense: Recalling The Fashion Weeks...

Yes, that's what was going on to the right side of me at the show...
It was rather refreshing to be a part of Couture Fashion Week New York to see the collections from relatively unknown designers from around the world - to see fresh faces. Last time I've come to CFWNY, it was last February - [NYC is NOT pleasant at that time!] - and I've survived all 20+ something shows, back to back.

So, when I was invited to attend CFWNY this Fall's and see the collections of the new designers, I pretty much knew what to expect.
Yes, these shows are not as 'fashionable' - can I say so? - because they don't come with an army of celebrities in attendance, but the editors, fashion/labels scouts and fashion bloggers are present, they just don't get to be disturbed by the paparazzi; and they sit in the back.

Surprisingly, though, I wasn't the only one photo-press person to attend CFWNY, there were many press people there... I, personally, am always up to show my support for a young, new talent.

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