September 22, 2011

A Woman Is Re-Born...And I'm loving it!

I don't know about you, but I'm very, very happy to see that these Fall's Fashion Week's designers brought the feminine look back - they gave women back their sensual side. In everything - from hair up-dos and down-dos to gowns - women were shining on the runaways during the fashion week in New York.

And I twice as much enjoyed Couture Fashion Week's shows, because not only the designers brought back the "gowns, veils and long hair", but they also brought the voluptuous shape back to a woman's body. Thank god for that! We, ladies, all know how hard it is to give up those eclairs!

By the way, apparently I'm obsessed with an orange color this season. For me, having two clothing items in orange color was out of the question just a year ago...

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