October 02, 2011

Breakfast Invention: Colorful Mix-and-Match

There is always a day when you wake up with a specific idea for the breakfast only to find that you don't have all the ingredients to make it...

And that can either end in a frustration that could send you off the track for the whole day, OR - it could give you a platform to innovate and come up with something that you'd like so much that it becomes a dish with your household name on it - a signature dish aka [your] style!

This is exactly what happened to me when I woke up with an idea to make an oatmeal with honey, nuts and raisins only to find out that out of all the ingredients that I have were raisins and a spoonful of rolled oats. But then I took a look around my kitchen's cabinets and inside the fridge and came up with something that I loved so much that I'll be now making it often and introduce it to my friends and/or family on one of those 'feeling like oat meal' mornings. I called it A Fruit-and-Veggie Medley Oatmeal Bonanza Breakfast.

Here is how to make this breakfast oats the Alisa's way:

A half a cup of old-fashioned oats
A half of a cup of carrot pieces
A half of a cup of cut in small pieces apple
A 1/3 of a cup of raisins
A bit of salt, a bit of brown sugar
A cup of soy milk (and/or regular milk)
A sprinkle of cinnamon powder and
Honey to taste

First bring to boil the milk, add oats and cook until they are bit softer, then add carrots, apple and raisins and cook till carrots and apple added color to the oats and are soft to taste. Cook until there is no more milk left in the pot. Put in a plate, sprinkle with cinnamon and add honey. Viola!

And again, as I looked at what this new breakfast dish turned into, I've noticed that it had my favorite color in it - orange. And this just, one again, proves, that even a breakfast can be stylish and have the trendy Fall 2011 colors :) Besides, don't you love the idea that your breakfast is not only yummy, but it's very, very good for your body and health: porridge absorbs toxins, helps boost the immune system and the vitamin B6 it contains will help you beat the winter blue!

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