October 27, 2011

Daily Style Inspiration...Uliana, Washington/DC

I've once heard that one doesn't acquire a good taste, one is born with it...Well, I strongly believed it all my life.

Uliana's "Chaplin" hat is always killing me - [in a good sense] - because I could never brave myself to wearing such hats.

I also believed that one does not have to have a lot of money to spend on clothes, shoes and accessories, because even with a lot of money, one might have no taste, no style, no sense of fashion. I saw it. My mom was born with a great taste and style. Some of my friends, who couldn't afford much, but had a great taste and always dressed and accessorized so stylishly that everyone - [including me] - always wondered WHERE do they get it? How does their mind work that they are able to put together a look out of, basically, nothing and still look stylish?

I've also always believed in being EFFORTLESSLY stylish, not when you try so hard to be stylish, but you're just stylish. As you are. You wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, make a cup of java, go to the closet and pick together an outfit - effortlessly - that would 'wow' the people around and make them think that you either have a personal stylist, lots of cash to dispense on 'labels' or you spend a large amount of time matching your outfits to the teared off pages of the fashion magazines to pull a certain look...Well, those people do exist, of course...But it's those who dress EFFORTLESSLY stylish that attract me... And once again, one of those people is my colleague and a friend - Uliana...not a day goes by, when I don't find her good taste so amazingly effortless and - [well] - so freakishly stylish...

Black on black - A Micro-Mesh Long Scoop Back Dress, a  sheer, sexy and form fitting sleeveless maxi-dress with a high neckline and a sexy plunging deep V back detail. Shop at American Apparel here.


Anonymous said...

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Alisa K. K. said...

Thank you. It's very nice to receive such feedback!