October 19, 2011

Dare to? I do...

As much as I do love little ‘black shoes’ – the same way I love a little black dress [or LBD] – a must-to-have for any girl, I believe that we should be more fierce, bold and more colorful in our choice for the footwear.

And this season, especially – the recent runaways showed us how ‘colorful’ and ‘optimistic’ we could be in our choice for a clothing/accessory/footwear, and it’s been very uplifting to see that many American cities do follow the ‘colorful’ trends, even – New York – from boots to scarves, gloves and tights – we are becoming more colorful. The Italians would be, definitely, happy for their American counterparts… So, here are a few of my personal suggestions for Fall 2011/Winter-Spring 2012:

Alexander McQueen Titanic ballerina pump. Buy it now at style.com

Alexander McQueen's Grinling Gibbon Show Boot (Black). Buy it at bergdorfgoodman.com. For more on Alexander McQueen shop Net-A-Porter.com.

Black embossed leather leaf boot with western gold brass buckles and square gold metal toe-cap: interior ankle zip: platform and tear-drop heel Buy it now at alexandermcqueen.com Or shop at the ShopStyle.com. .

But, not many of us could afford the shoes for $4,000-10,000. And I'm trying to be more or less realistic in my blog and provide information about something I could, potentially, afford myself.

So, here are a few inexpensive takes on the hottest statement footwear:

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes: The Lita Shoe in Cat Tapestry

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes: The Tardy Shoe in Orange and Blue:

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes: The Zapped Shoe in Taupe and Blue Stripe

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes: The Rock Rose Shoe in Blue and Tan Suede

United Nude: The Abstract Pump in Stone - and although these are not "colorful", I found the abstractive heal - [well, simply] - very, very hot...

And you can be even adventurous and colorful with the crocks – why choose beige, black and white/black only? Check this out: Ego and Greed The Philly Shoe in Mustard Suede and Brown Croc:

And these are the absolute favorites of mine - la la la - which I'm now a proud owner of:

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes: The Lita Shoe in Yellow and Blue Color Block - [I just picked it up the other day – with no regret, whatsoever! Loving it…]

And Jeffrey Campbell Shoes The Spokane Boot in Red and Blue:

Don’t get me wrong. I do love black and brown – [and leopard] - colors for the footwear, but there is always a point when I ask myself: “If not now, then when? When I’m 80?...” That is, a question, pertaining to the age of ‘appropriateness’ and ‘frivolity’ to wearing bold, colorful footwear… So, be bold…and do follow the notorious unique shoe wearer – Daphne Guinness – on Twitter (@TheRealDaphne) to see if there is anything else extraordinary she picked up to wear... Here are just a few of her shoes/boots:

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