October 03, 2011

DC's Street Fashion: Autumn's Confusion...

Yes, I've lived in California - I know the jest: flip-flops all the way, all year around and some, but...

I do like the beach. I do like my sun, warm sand and the ocean. I do wear flip-flops...but only during summer time and only on my errands and to the beach and outdoors (that involves some water bathing...)

Besides, I could never understand how one could be at the same time cold in the upper body and warm down the waist? If I'm cold and I'm wearing a coat, believe me - there will be some serious boots down below as well. However, every time I see someone's wearing a warm coat, a scarf and pants and...flip-flops, I become very tempted to ask this person - how do they do it? How is it possible - body temperature wise?  And most of all - don't they know it looks ridiculous?

What do you think?

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