October 25, 2011

My City Finds: NYC Pretzels

There are a few things that I heart about NYC. Actually - there are many things about NYC that I heart and that I miss every time I'm away from the city...
Street nuts - is one of them...NYC pretzels - the REAL ones - the New York pretzels - is the other one! I don't eat them very often, because of all the "things" we - women should do to be able to fit in that one size that we find in samples sales.

Remember when you were a kid - you could eat anything and not worry about having a butterly pastry with a glass of a whole milk or a meat-potato dish with all the sauce from the meat fat and juices and still being able to fit in those jeans? Well, unfortunately with the majority of the women - [and must add - men too] - the rate of the metabolism changes after the age of 25-30 or so...No more of heavy late night snacks...But, when you really, really, really want - go for a NYC pretzel. Those carts - [or the yummy smell of freshly baked pretzels with all the good stuff in it and on top of it] - are a must to stop by...

Besides, take it as the European women - eat a bit, but often. Have it all, no restrictions - but a piece of it...And just enjoy your life, it's too short to say 'NO' to yourself all the time... Profites de la vie!

P.S. And if you are not a New Yorker - [who, kind of, already figured out those things by now] - and you are questioning the hygiene of those "street delicatessens", then here is a great article about it in New York magazine. I guess you weren't the only one with a question! :)

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