October 17, 2011

Out and About...Braving the Biking in NYC

This is something that I'm sooooo happy about it! Actually, I'm thrilled about it...

Seeing that NYC is becoming more-or-less bike-friendly is really a dream of mine! The last time I remembered, I could only bike in and around the Central Park, not braving myself to venture out and bike along the avenues and streets. Even the west side of the city took a rather pleasant turn in the past few years - the bike/jog/skating path along the west side hwy has been renovated to fit all the eager-to-exercise New Yorkers...And they do it in style!

But aside from the obvious biking sites in the city, it was rather refreshing to see New Yorkers bike along the avenues and streets, sharing those with the crazy taxi cabs...

I see more and more of the people bike to work - [wearing obvious office attire] - to grocery shopping, yoga/fitness centers, and etc...New Yorkers are just biking - [sans helmets!] - and I'm loving it. I'm sure Bill Cunningham loves it too :)...

It means, I now need to make a room for my bike in NYC! But until then - here are a few Apps that would make your 'biking life' in NYC a bit easier:

Ride the City: a bicycle routing application that will help you find a safe bike route from point A to point B in 38 cities.
Bike Repair: 51 highly detailed photo repair guides✧ and ✧71 bicycle problems explained✧, including common aches and pains while on the bike (there are simple things to do to get rid of that knee pain). Bike Repair is the most simple and complete bicycle repair app on the App Store. It has over 230 studio quality photos explaining you step by step what to do. 
Bike Doctor: is helping 1000's of cyclists like yourself do bicycle repairs and maintenance. It is like having a little bike mechanic in your pocket at all times ready to save the day!
iBiker: is to track your workouts - runs, rides, Spin and other cardio exercises*. It maps your outdoor runs and rides, gives you time, distance, speed and more. iBiker also records your weight and blood pressure for a true sense of overall health.
Bicycle Gear Head: the most comprehensive bicycle gear calculator for the iPhone! Calculate your ENTIRE DRIVETRAIN at once. Results are updated in REAL TIME, allowing you to quickly find the perfect combination. Both metric and US units.
Bicycle Gear Calculator: designed by a cyclist, for cyclists. Calculates Gear Ratios, Gear Inches, Development and Gain Ratios using your bike's measurements. The app now has over 200 preset tire sizes and also lets you enter your own custom tire size for personalized measurements. 
The Bike Computer: in addition to being the world's most beautiful and easy to use cyclocomputer, the bike computer is also a GPS tracking application, which means it records and uploads a track of your bike ride.
Cyclemeter GPS Bike Computer for Road and Mountain Biking: cyclemeter turns your iPhone into a powerful GPS-enabled fitness computer, giving you feedback and motivation to go farther, be healthier, and live longer.
Spokes NYC: is a bicycle routing application designed to generate ideal bike routes with turn by turn directions for New York City cyclists. Other features include a bike rack locator, a bike shop locator, and the ability to report thefts from a given bike rack or location. Future features will include personalized routes and a list of suggested rides (for leisure).

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