October 25, 2011

The Power of The Pink...

It's one thing when the pink color plays part in the runaways and it's one thing 'everything in pink' goodies - from pink mascara to pink bags and shoes - appear on pages of magazine a week or so prior the Breast Cancer Awareness month. It's another thing, when you actually become part of such 'pink' event and meet the breast cancer survivors - [those who fall in the 65% of the women with the breast cancer in USA who are able to beat the disease] - and the people who organize those events at their own time and money to benefit various organizations, hospitals, and individuals to fight the breast cancer.

I've been always a strong supporter for the cause. I've participated in both fundraising events, charities, marathons, races, etc...And this year, I got an opportunity to do it in Washington, DC - to be part of the annual Pink Party DC

I walked the 'runaway show' in a beautiful gown with pink hues as part of the event's fundraising actitivies. Yes, I felt beautiful. But most importantly - I felt empowered by an ability to make some kind of change in the lives of the young women - [some of whom are my age, mind you] - and to entertain those guests who not only have bought tickets, the proceeds of which would go to Tigerlily Foundation - the premier national breast cancer foundation providing education, awareness, advocacy and hands-on support to young women (15-40) – before, during and after breast cancer, but who also brought some money to donate through auction and raffles...

The founder of Tigerlily Foundation, Maimah Karmo

When I arrived to Donald Trump's National Golf Club in the suburbs of DC, I instantly started to feel the power of the 'pink' - absolutely everything was pink, including the mood of the event. It was bright. It was simple. It was uplifting. 

That very second when I was introduced to one of the breast survivors - this tiny beautiful woman, I realized that having cancer and/or having survived cancer does not have to mean the life should end and/or become sad and that pink color is a perfect color to show it. In those minutes when all the attendees and participants of Pink Part DC were socializing, sharing laughs and stories, snacking on pink candies, appetizers, enjoying pink drinks and browsing through 'pink' bras and panties, made me rethink my state of mind - [and how often I get upset at little things, as it seems] - and taught me to just appreciate my life - the life free of cancer (as of the moment, as we could never be too protect from it) - and live it to the fullest, because some of the women out there don't get the same opportunity...

By the way, if you think that only women get breast cancer, you are wrong. Each year than 1600 men are diagnosed with breast cancer....By comparison, over 200 000 women will receive the same diagnosis. An estimated 500 men will die from breast cancer compared with over 40 000 women.

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