October 15, 2011

White on Black, Black on White: Spring 2012 Black-and-White Romance

There is something about white-black combination. I'm a bit at odds with it. I never had any kind of 'combos' like that in my wardrobe. I avoided it at all times - [I did try to understand it!...] - but every time I visited the White House | Black Market store - [which is IDEAL for that] - to experience the various combos of black-and-whites, I left empty-handed.

As long as I remember myself, I always tried to avoid wearing the black-and-white combo, whether it was because this particular combo washes me out and/or I just thought the combo reminded me of some sort of a preppy school and/or of some kind of a corporate event where a person in black-and-white gives a presentation against a chart board.

At the same time, I totally love the way men look in black and white.

In years I came to realize that I might have been wrong. Seeing women pulling it off beautifully, both in real life and on a red carpet and other special occasions, made me to reconsider. And now that I've seen more and more of it on a runaway - as during the recent NY Fashion Week - I succumbed to the idea that the black-and-white combo can be, actually, pretty sexy, especially when it comes to the top-pant combo. But, do judge for yourself, if you haven't been wearing the black-and-white combo already...

This collection is from a Turkish designer: Nedret Taciroglu, whose work I actually really, really liked. It reminded me about the times when a woman could be as sexy and sensual dressed in a dress and lingerie, as she could be in a men's pant suit. It's a bit of ala Chanel. Karl Lagerfield could have taken a note...

Nedret Taciroglu also showcased beautiful designs in beige and red colors, which I'll be sharing with you shortly. Come back to see it later!

See more of  Nedret Taciroglu for Spring 2011 at Couture Fashion Week runaway here:

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