November 03, 2011

'Biker's' Trend: Leaving The Fingertips Home...

This black boots (Nine West) and biker's gloves (Urban Outfitters) are proving to be my winter 'combo' of the season. I can easily dress it up or dress it down. You might not think that these gloves can go with many things, but they do!! They so do!

I think it - the gloves - reached that point where it’s an ‘everyday piece’ rather than a special piece I only take out on special occasions.

Who would have ever thought that these finger-less biker leather gloves would be the next big accessory. This - [not for everyone] - street style can be paired with a dress, classy or casual - [yes, you've heard me, it actually goes with a dress] - denim, pant suit - [ala YSL...] - and bold accessories, sans the statement (big) rings as they would not, obviously, fit in the gloves...I, personally, like to wear them with my black boots that kind of look 'biker' like, but on a classy side...Dark nail polish complements it as well, but that does not mean you can't wear it with the bright light colors, as a matter of fact - you should!

These ala Michael Jackson circut 1980s gloves are being spotted - [not as much yet, but only on some adventurous fashionistas] - are actually re-emerging and this time people are wearing them for more than riding on a motorcycle. These gloves do not have to be black. They actually come in a various colors - blue, beige, pink, yellow, green and red.  Urban Outfitters has brown/beige, black, blue and yellow. Other stores that carry them are BCBG, Forever 21, and Bebe. Just one warning - do not go 'biker' all the way - don't wear biker gloves with biker jacket, boots and pants...Otherwise, you would look like someone who just jumped off his/her motorcycle...

And if you are not that 'adventurous' to wear biker gloves all the way, you can get something more on the smooth side that do not look like 'motorcycle' gloves...For example, check out the UGGs version here. Or Michael Kors ones here. By the way, even Sears offers its version of the gloves, and they only cost $8.99.

Do you think you'd wear the biker gloves?

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