November 03, 2011

Dark Forces At The Fullest...

Meet Delfina Delettrez, whose jewelry and accessory designs are making quite some buzz in close circles of very, very fashionable people, because those jewelry pieces are unique and different from all the other ones out there. And as we all know - to make it creatively and stand out from the crowd - one needs to be, first of all, different from the others.

Delettrez has met this criteria. She's been designing quite peculiar jewelry that not everyone might like, especially it won't be liked by those who have entomophobia and/or necrophobia. Here is inside the world of Delfina Delettrez's wacky phobic world of jewelry that's been mesmerizing fashionistas all around the world:

And one of her latest creation is a skeleton bracelet-ring accessory that is now trotting the world - from one fashion magazine shoot to another...I must say, it's a pretty cool idea-concept...

Delfina, a fourth generation Fendi, presented her first collection of jewels to the international press in October 2007 at Colette, Paris. Delfina's collections are a blend of flowers, skulls, fierce animals, crosses and human body-inspired pieces; she audaciously works and merges gold, silver, marble, ceramic, exotic woods and pieces of bones, glass, crystals, diamonds, polished metals and coloured varnishes, for a style that is together gothic, romantic, rock, passionate, and surprisingly determined and playful. 

This Roman based designer knows how to amuse and allure her audience. Her presentations are consistently a delight, and she knows how to display it charmingly whimisical and chick, just as she is herself...And only if you knew, she is only 25 years old! The world is her oyster and I can't wait to see what she'll be doing in the next few seasons. I can predict that we'll soon see her designs all over the world in the most stylish and fashionable settings - from runaways and Oscar's Awards to Cannes Film Festival and Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Even her lucky charm accessories look rather...peculiar, and soooo - individualistic...I'm love it, even though I would never, ever afford it. Only, if Topshop would do a 'replica' of it, I'd be able to.

Courtesy of Delfina Delettrez.
I'd definitely would want to get my hands on this 'skeleton' bracelet, but the price is biting. It's $2,555...I'd assume it's something that Daphne Guinness would add to her collection of Alexander McQueen, Channel and other extraordinary funky individual pieces in her wardrobe.


IE said...

Never say never, you might have a chance to own one of her pieces one day!

Alisa K. K. said...

I really hope so :)