November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Not a year goes by when I don't stress enough the importance of being 'thankful', especially when it comes to Thanksgiving Day's tradition of 'expressing thanks' - a day that, actually, reminds you to be thankful... 

You see, I haven't been born with this holiday's traditions. I, rather, acquired them along the way over the years, and once I did - it seemed very natural to me and my 'foreign' loved ones to spend this holiday with the family and close friends and thank those who matter in our lives and eat the foods that otherwise we wouldn't consume all at once on the same day - at the expense of your skinny jeans. This is - [and, perhaps, Christmas] - the only day that I feel no guilt about mixing all the carbs, protein and fats together...And, you should not as well.

Here's an 'international' take on Thanksgiving: carrot-onion-cheese salad, Brussels sprouts with melted cheese and onions.

Here's my take on what this holiday is all about, including a bit of my 'other' upbringing. Yes, I'm neither American, nor foreign - I wish to believe, I am in the 'golden' middle of it all.

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