November 28, 2011

Harem Pants: In or Out?

 My HAREM...

It's been quite a touchy subject matter for many fashionistas. Many argue that 'harem' pants should be out.

However, there quite a few people - [including myself] - who think that it, really, depends on how 'harem' your pants are and whether you can pull it off...

I, personally, really like the style. On my recent trip to Italy, I came across 'harem' jeans from a Spanish brand, but so harem that it was barely noticeable. I'm in love with them. I couldn't not get them.

My 'Spanish harem' jeans.

As a matter of fact, I own quite a few clothes in this style and I believe that they look quite nicely, depending on how mix and match you them. Last summer I got another pair of 'harem' jeans at the Diesel, they were rather expensive - [for my budget, that is] - but I fell in love them as well.

My Adele Fado, Italy knit all body tube tights.

They were from a limited Italian edition of jeans, which I absolutely had to have, and had to take out for a walk - to Italy! When I wore them in Milan - [the optimum city of all the fashionistas] - I got quite a few compliments, which made my guilt feeling of spending $375 on jeans - [the most expensive clothing item I've ever had in my life, by the way] - justified... I felt very 'at home' in Milan in those jeans, and it was rather ravishing to get compliments from Milanians, who I look up to in fashion... Moreover, I do trust their opinion - [those of the fashionistas in Milan], you just have to trust the Italians, who brought us Versace, Gucci, Cavalli, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni, etc...

My 'harem' Diesel...

Of course, I don't think I'd be able to pull the MC Hammer 'harem' look - [who would have ever thought that they'd set this trend? But they so did!] - those were on the extreme side of 'harem' pants! But there are many variations of it that could look quite stylish.

Nevertheless, when I talk about this fashion's 'controversy', I recall what Marie Claire's Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles has once said about the green dress one of her interns wore: "Doesn't she know that no one looks good in green?" In her opinion, no one can pull a green color, which up until this day I agreed with, until Julianne Moor proved us all wrong :)

Perhaps, that's how many people feel about 'harem' pants, and in my humble opinion, whoever says so just does not know better :)

What do you think? Should the trend go, or stay?

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