November 28, 2011

Is This A Sign?

Don't take me wrong, even though I might not believe in these things - many people do. And not because I became a bit 'cynical', perhaps, and do not believe in signs anymore, when I used to, but mostly because I believe that every single person is 'responsible' for his/her own luck.

Yes, people do win lotteries. Yes, the fortune tellers might predict something that would actually come true. Yes, there are certain things like 'birds' drops', spiders and birds flying in the room through house windows, etc. - and other old fashion grandma 'fair-tales' that are believed to be a sign... And I do want to believe in those, but it's just happens that they never come true in my life...

That's why, when I came over this nature's gift - a leaf in the shape of a heart, I didn't think too much of it. I just posted on Facebook to share how nature constantly surprises us with natural, uninhibited, unplanned things that remind us of certain common shapes in our lives.

However, when I posted it, I got a few responses from my friends saying "It's a sign!"

A sign of what, love? Hmm... Perhaps I became a bit cynical, unless someone proves me wrong.

Do you believe in signs?

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