November 16, 2011

It's A Wrap: A Countdown to Couture Fashion Week New York 2012

Last September I was a part of the press team for the Couture Fashion Week New York. As a result, within 4 days of the back-to-back runaway shows of the designers from around the world: India, Turkey, UK, Russia, Lebanon, Spain, Dubai, Peru, Germany, etc. - I shot hundreds of photos, which made the next few weeks of my life both exciting and very stressful. But I did chose the best of the best, which you could see here.

This fashion week is a rather unique event. Unlike the already known top designers that are featured during the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week in NYC, these designers are not as known in USA, but very popular and sought after in their native countries. Of course, I've been pretty subjective to the Russian designers this year, but there is a reason for that...
Sisa Designs by Simone Rodrigues (Brazil/USA) - I really liked his colorful creations... 

The Couture Fashion Week New York features first class couture and luxury fashion designers, amazing performers and trend-setting hair and makeup styling all in an incomparable world-famous venue. And the goal of the event's founder and producer, Andres Aquino, is simple -  "to establish New York City as a true couture fashion capital.”

Sisa Designs by Simone Rodrigues (Brazil/USA) - one of my other favorites from the Couture Fashion Week New York, September 2011.

I, personally, have been excited for the second year in a row to see many new and returning fashion designers. Among the award-winning designers returning this season were Walid Atallah (Dubai), Amal Sarieddine and Mireille Dagher (Lebanon), Nedret Taciroglu (Turkey), Sushma Patel (USA/India), Marco Marcu (Germany), Luis Machicao (USA/Peru) and Romanitza (Romania) who chose CFW as one of the events to celebrate her 20th year in the fashion industry.

Sisa Designs by Simone Rodrigues (Brazil/USA)

Designers showing for the first time at CFW included Pilar Macchione and Evgenia Luzhina-Salazar - [my personal favorites, who I've covered more than others and got to meet Evgenia backstage] - Romero Bryan, Tammy Duffy, Eredappa, Giovanni Lopresti and Alicat by Avril Lemieux.

Sisa Designs by Simone Rodrigues (Brazil/USA)

So, the 15th Season of the Couture Fashion Week New York has wrapped up - [sigh...]. Afterparties and VIP dinners are over - [sigh...] and the rest that's left are grand - [tireless] - memories of what a true designer should be all about...

The next Couture Fashion Week New York will be held February 17-19, 2012. It is already shaping up to be a memorable event  and truly yours will be there with her new camera - [yes, I'm shopping for a new camera at the moment...] Stay tuned, I'd like to share this experience with you in just 3 months!

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