November 30, 2011

The Many Faces of H&M: It Keeps On Coming

They are doing it again! We can't keep up. 

H&M is collaborating with Marni for Spring 2012 collection that is set for March 8th - just in time for the International Woman's Day! I wonder if they've planned it on purpose to give a woman such a present?!

The collection mixes Tribal prints with Bauhaus graphics in a playful, colorful way that catches the sporty but always so chic world of Marni...And I'm pretty much sure it'd be all sold out within the first few days, just as the other collaborations were. (See Versace for H&M here.)


It is great to speak to a wider audience and in particular to the younger generations, says Consuelo Castiglioni, Creative Director at Marni.

The Marni collection for H&M will include men's, women's, shoes, bags, scarves and jewelry. Like Versace and the other limited-edition edition collections that preceded it, Marni for H&M will only be available in select H&M stores (250 worldwide). Still, we're very excited, and for New  Yorkers - there's nothing to worry about, the city's fashionistas will get the chance to shop it...

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