November 23, 2011

An Old Man In Style

Who said that once you are old, you need to dress old and non-stylish? Quite the contrary.

I remember growing up seeing how every morning my grandmother would lay out on her vintage dresser all her make up kits and glue on the fake lashes, put on a blush and apply the rest of make up before heading to work. She still does it at 88 years old, which both amazes me and inspires me to not become one of those old ladies who just let's it all go...

That's why, when I spotted a rather stylish, accurately - [as would my grandmother say] - dressed old man, I took a note.

There's just something about it that speaks class the 'old way' - the days of Gary Grant. Besides noticing his 'accurate' style, I also noticed how rather adorable than stylish this man was. He kinda reminded me of my grandfather who passed away when I was 13 years old, and who ironed even his socks!

I think the fedora hat, the polka dot tie and the rain coat did the trick.

About and around the Fifth Ave...

I actually liked how he combined the classic look with the running shoes...

What do you think?

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