November 09, 2011

Patterned Accessories: Bring Out Safari And Buckles

A leopard purse from Kate Spade's new collection...

Not that I just noticed it, but apparently bags, clutches and purses don't have to come in 'solids'. I guess I have to rethink my collection of bags now. I recently took a look and realized that I'm all 'brown' and 'black' in the bags department, which brought me to realize that I have to give up my 'practical' approach to bags and become more 'adventurous'. 

Perhaps I could get myself a 'zebra' purse or something, or at least shoot for a bag that speaks color, otherwise, with my 'all-black' winter coats and 'all-black' winter boots, I'd definitely fall under the category of a 'black widow'...And who wants that?

Kate Spade's new 'patterned' collection...

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