November 21, 2011

Plaid On Plaid

Japanese tourists on Fifth Ave.

I like the plaids. It's very cozy. It has a very Fall/Winter feel. However, I wonder if plaids overalls and plaid on plaid looks too much? Perhaps, with a beret, ankle length socks and low cut boots to match adds it a certain ala French peasant look? I've spotted this Japanese girl on the 5th Ave. and I, kind of - [to the disappointment of Anna Wintour, I'd guess] - found it adorable.

I do admire, though, the street style of Japanese. I always find them dressed away ahead of time...And they dress the way no one else, really, can dress - the way they mix and match the clothes, accessories and footwear is very inventive, very refreshing. I, personally, can spot a Japanese person miles away, just by the way they dress and accessorize.

What do you think?

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