November 11, 2011

Proud of Prada: Some Like It Hot...

Prada, Soho/NYC

Have you ever noticed how much New Yorkers like 'window shopping'?
It's even more fun - [once, in a while, on a poor cash 'diet'] - to shop windows, especially in a city that prides itself in 'window' displays.

My favorite, of course, 'season' to 'window shop' is Christmas! The most amazing decorations one can see in NYC - in Soho and 5th Ave - they're the most creative displays I've found in the city, which, after 5 years of absence from NYC, I'm looking forward to seeing this year!

Bergdoff Goodman, Saks 5th Ave, Barney's NY, Neiman Marcus, Tiffany's... - as I recall, the way they handle 'window' decorations is to actually hiring professionals in 'window decorations' industry- [a.k.a. seasonal employees] - if not available in-house. How do I know?

Back in the days, when I worked for Cardinal of Canada Canadian label on 56th and 6th Ave., I used to communicate with all the department stores and boutiques on a regular basis and knew ins-and-outs of the clothing industry...[Yes, I did the swatches too and the showroom's showings and the trade/fashion shows as well, and somewhere in my closet I still have my very first cashmere coat, made in Italy by Cardinal of Canada...And, still, after 10 years, it looks fashionable!]

Prada, Soho/NYC

Couldn't help myself from checking the 'windows' in Soho the other day, especially my favorite one - Prada...Always surprise me with their window 'set-up'...This month, they are featuring a rather 'ala Doctor Zhivago' and 'Czarist Time' women in fab furs, winter white long coats, knit-hats and long leather gloves...The details of the clothes and accessories are immaculate - as always...

(Can't get enough of fabulous, absolutely gorgeous Julie Christie, as Lara, in the film "Dr. Zhivago"...)

And the 'baggage scene' reminds me a bit of Some Like It Hot...It really made me to look forward to the winter!

What's your 'winter' must-haves?

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