November 11, 2011

RED NYC: Are We Immune to Red?

Since I've been on a 'part-time parole' for the last two weeks, I've taken the advantage of the situation to do as might of the catching-up with my lover - [a.k.a. New York City] - as possible. 

I've been walking around, equipped with the basics to capture the moments that would catch my eye - [that is, with my iPhone and mini Canon cameras] - in hope, they'd do just about magic that I'm looking for...And, they did manage to serve the purpose - [not that I wouldn't like to get my hands on the Nikon D90 and/or Canon EOS 5D Mark II, but that's in my 'things to get' X-mas list, and my parents don't even know it yet, he he he].

But before my Friday thoughts drive me away from what I wanted to say in the first place, here it goes.

I had no idea that day by day we pass streets, buildings, garbage bins, stores, cafes, people, cars, etc...and we don't really even notice how much of the RED color is in the city! 

When an old metal poll caught my attention on Houston and Varick (West Village, NYC) that hold two big buttons for 'police alarm' and 'fire alarm', probably used back in the days when the only public transportation that existed in NYC were - horses...I've noticed that it was RED...

Then I looked around - I saw RED signs, RED bikes, RED clothes, RED cars, RED menus, RED ... in many surroundings. And I started photographing it away, thinking of what might have been 'behind the idea' of why RED color was used in these elements, why RED?
Except for the obvious things like - alerting for something... There's so much RED and we don't even know it, or we just don't pay attention to it anymore, but what if we did? What do you think, why are we so 'immune' to the RED color that we don't even notice it anymore, unless it's the RED traffic light?

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