December 09, 2011

Russia's Ready To Interview


I enjoy the fact how Russia has been progressive in many areas of the life since USSR has ceased to exist - [except for the politics and economy, obviously] - and how it has been progressively integrating the 'WEST' into the 'EAST' fast, adding its own cultural charms and peculiarities.

I do stay in touch with the international fashion press - as a matter of fact, on a weekly basis. This is the time to reveal my other 'love affair' - with Barnes & Noble book stores, where I get away from the weekly noises and stressful nuances of life and immerse myself into the world of books and magazines. The fact that they carry magazines from around the world - is an absolute indulgence and addiction for me - [aside from the fact that they are all in their original languages :)]. Nevertheless, I manage to read a bit of German Vogue, browse through Italian and French Vogues - [French version, in particular, fascinates me for the reasons I've mentioned in my previous blog] - and I also spend extra time in studying Russian Vogue, which creates less difficulties for me as I'm fluent in Russian.

That's said, I truly enjoy, when I travel, seeing press stands in other countries, and when I visit Russia, I truly enjoy seeing how many of the magazines I so dearly know and read in USA - [aka originals] - now have a Russian version - with 50/50 content split between the local happenings and the translations from the original versions. That's why I was excited to learn that the American magazine Interview's recently launched its Russian version!

Here's what Aliona Doletskaya, the new Editor-in-Chief of the new Interview Russia - the first international edition of the title founded by Andy Warhol 42 years ago - and the soon-to-be-launched Interview Germany magazine, had to say about it:

Doletskaya previously headed up Vogue Russia, which she helped launch in 1998, introducing the post-Soviet 'grey' Russia to sophisticated visions of luxury fashion from around the world.

This very first magazine is featuring one of the semi-young actress of Russia - Oksana Akinshina, known to the Russian audience from films like and to the foreign audience from films like Lilya 4Eva, Bourne Supremacy and Hipsters, the very premier of which I attended at the FilmFest DC in 2010.While the US version of the magazine is featuring Leonardo Di Caprio.

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