November 22, 2011

VALENTINO's Virtual Museum: 50 Years of Fashion In Digital Format

I've always respected Valentino, and not because he created quite a powerful fashion empire - [neither because he owns five pugs - the luckiest, by the way, pugs in the world! And one of my favorite dog breeds] - but also because when a person is inventive in one thing, he would most likely be also inventive in other things, like social and digital media. Surprise, surprise...

Valentino is not just a great businessman, but he is the creative force behind Valentino house of fashion in all of its aspects. A while ago when I bought a DVD "Valentino: The Last Emperor" and learned behind the scenes of his work, I started to respect him even more - he's an ultimate hands-on designer who even at his established status of one of the greatest designers in the world, still every day works the 'stitches'...And that's very admirable, and serves as a perfect example to all the 'wanna-bees' and 'lazy fakes' out there, who put a name on the brand, while haven't even made one stitch and/or sketches for their 'acclaimed' collections.

That's why I was not surprised to learn that together with his long time business partner, Valentino Garavani has just launched a video teaser to the Virtual Museum, an unprecedented digital fashion experience showcasing five decades of fashion history - the project they've been working on for a while.

The virtual museum can be downloaded on any computer - it's a downloadable desktop application connected to an online database that uses a real time 3D technology to create an immersive environment. It includes over 5,000 images of dresses, illustrations and photographs as well as 95 fashion show videos. 

The visitors of the virtual museum will also have an opportunity to see about 300 designer's dresses upclose and personal. This is what Valentino said about his project: "I see it as part of my inheritance that I can pass on the others. I'm happy that thousands of students - young and up-and-coming designers - and fashionable people in general would have an opportunity to see our work in all of the aspects and appearances.

The museum will be available for download on December 5, 2011 here. Let's just call it a fashionable Christmas present from Valentino.

Here is a sneak preview for you:

And what are your favorite designers, whose work and business talents do you appreciate?

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