November 19, 2011

Versace and Me: Take Me Out On The Town

My Versace...

The day has arrived for all the fashionistas, who are big fans of Versace - the Versace collection for H&M  finally hits selected cities of USA, and the lines of the first shoppers were lining up the night before...

And the fans have been forming the lines at the H&M stores a night before, lining up to what was supposed to be a huge bonanza of the designer's sale of a rather limited assortment - just a few dresses, jackets,  leggings, skirts, pants, belts and shoes here and there... When I was passing the H&M store last night, I captured the eager fans outside the store, who brought sleeping bags and thermos with hot tea and chocolate to keep themselves warm in the cold weather of NYC. 

At first I thought - there's no way I'd be joining these fans - neither at night, nor even in the morning as they rush into the store in the fight mood to score the times from the Versace collection - [I'm kinda done with this scene...]

But I changed my mind the next day...

When I accidently passed the H&M store again and saw there was no obsessed traffic coming into the store, I decided to brave myself and go inside to check out of 'what might have been left' from the collection after the crazy fashionistas shopped it early in the morning. Of course, the selection might have been bigger before, so could have been the selection of sizes as only extra larges and extra smalls were left. However, I managed to score three dresses my size - [my '4' size luck, I called it...] and headed for the fitting room where I've experienced a rather interesting crowd and conversation...

As I stood in line, a girl in front of me was also holding Versace items and as she was about to put aside sizes that didn't match her figure stats, another girl was passing by and said: "Are you letting go of those? ..If so, I'll have them!"...I thought "Wow!"

Eager shoppers had only two racks to work with this afternoon...

Then a woman behind me, a petite-frame herself, said to me: "Yeah, pretty colorful collection. I'm not big on color. Don't think I'll be getting it..." Yet, she did! 

Yes, the Versace collection for H&M ended to be a feast of colors and I'm loving it! 

Moreover, I loved the details - from shoulder patches in faux leather and jazzy flapper details on shoulders and bottoms of the dresses to zippers and undergarment layers of soft fabric. Absolutely gorgeous! 

I do like the fact that even though the collection has been made for the low-end store H&M, Versace didn't make it at expense of the quality - every single stitch, cut, zipper, button, etc. - is of a very high quality tailoring.

Versace signature skinny heels boots for H&M - all is done in high quality

So, as I continued to be standing in the line for a fitting room, another woman, seeing me holding like 10 Versace items, approached me and said: "Are you going to re-sell it?"...Again, I thought "Wow! How did I not think about it?" So many people - [and my mind went off] - actually do this - they buy designer's collections and then re-sell them on eBay! That put a thought in my head that I could do the same! Why I didn't think about it before???...So, when I spent $600 on three dresses, I was leaving the store very excited about one dress in particular with a rather interesting cut and faux leather should patch - [ala Star Trek...] and with a combination of colors and zippers - which is, definitely, a 'keeper'!

A keeper.... Versace for H&M, limited edition, $149.

However, when I got home and took another look at the other two dresses I bought, I thought: "Damn, they are so gorgeous...Perhaps I should keep them?" I guess I have 30 days to figure it out and still - either sell it on eBay and/or return it to the store...And, perhaps, make someone, who missed the collection, very, very happy :)...

I do, though, love all the three dresses - they'd definitely stretch my ability to wear so much color in one outfit...But, again, I like to push  my own buttons.

The other two dresses in question...I do love the colors, flappers and ... multicolored bleeding hearts.

I guess I was more lucky than the men who showed up to shop the collection at the same time as me, because what was left of the collection for them was just a pair of the pink shoes....A very, very bright one too! [I hope my friend who planned to be at the store at 7am this morning was more lucky than that...]

All in all, I'm now looking forward to taking my Versace out on the town. New York, here I - [and my Versace] - come!



LOOOOOVE the dresses you tried on. it looks beyond amazing on you. Definitely keep em. I mean DEFINITELY.


Alisa K. K. said...

Thank you, Leon! :) I will definitely rethink it! :) They are very beautiful, I agree! :)

Missy said...

Love your Versace dresses, Alisa! You look amazing, as always! Missy