December 07, 2011

A Walkable Necessity: All-Occasions Boots

I'm absolutely in love with my Sweater cuff boots. Little did I know that I'd be, actually - [and literally] - living out of them. 

When I first saw them, I fell in love with their look first. Then, I tried them on - and fell deeper in love. And when I took them for a walk, I realized, that we were meant to be together, and...forever, or until...they wouldn't be able to be fixable. I'd give it a 10-year run, and then they'd become 'vintage' worthy....

These are an absolute versatile - all weather - boots that have a rather high heel, but which, at the same time, feels like there's not much of a heel, because it's sturdy, solid and very 'soft' - meaning that when I walk, I feel no impact from the pavement/boot heel collision. It's absolutely comfortable, which is a rare quality for a boot that has high heel and platform, and it's very hard to come across such boots. 

Shop for it here.

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