November 08, 2011

What I And Bloomberg Have In Common

I've recently started to follow and correspond with the - [no, I'm not saying I've been talking to them in person] - I've been following their Chief Digital Officer on Twitter. Her name is Rachel Sterne, and, apparently, we have a lot in common: she wants to bring the bikes into the city - [make NYC a very bike-friendly place] - I do too! She wants to make NYC digitally-friendly - like give New Yorkers the tools to improve the connectivity and awareness among the residents of what's happening around - [e.g. introducing WiFi everywhere, including parks] - I do too! I'm tired of my lost signal on subway. 

Actually, the way she - and Michael Bloomberg - state it, they want to make New York City "the world's leading digital city" - and I do too! Basically, we have a lot of things in common, we practically think alike. So, this is what in 'our' plans:

To improve New Yorkers' experience of engaging digitally with New York City government by making every interaction simpler, faster and more meaningful - for every individual. That includes: 
-Reinvent NYC.GOV, the plan to rearchitect and redesign 
-Support and training for the managers of over 200 City social media channels 
-Engage NYC: Social Media for Government, our first digital training summit for City Employees 
-SMART, the Social Media Advisory and Research Taskforce, which pursues new tools and policies on behalf of City agencies 
-Digital Partnerships with Bitly, Facebook, Foursquare, NextPoint, Tumblr and Twitter 
-Implementation of citywide digital media monitoring and measurement platforms 
-Technology community engagement and event participation 
-Social media strategy and protocol for emergency situations 
-Expansion of NYC OpenData 
-Pursuing .nyc, the first Top Level Domain for an American city 
-Reinvent NYC.GOV, the City of New York's first hackathon 
-Provide individualized consultation to agencies seeking digital strategy guidance.

 Basically, we have a lot in common, including the Twitter that both of us use on a regular basis...I guess it'd be one busy year...

Do you have a suggestion on how to improve NYC's digital space?

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