December 25, 2011

An Armoured Heart: Too Dark To Be Sexy?

Perhaps the fact that I wouldn't be caught wearing this kind of outfits - [ever?] - is why I like it so much and find extremely sexy - in a rather smoky, lacy, shocking way...Although, as an official New Year's Eve resolution - I'll try to tend to be more risqué in 2012 in my choices for fashion...

I like it also, perhaps, for all the reasons one person or the other would like creative photography. 

I think the photographer Alexandre Dubois did a rather interesting look for this month's Faint magazine issue... And if you look at Dubois' webpage, you'd see that the element of 'gothic', smoky, lacy, hole-y is present in a lot of his photographs. 


I'm sure if he had to design the outfits for the main character of the upcoming film Rooney Mara - [have you already seen the American version of the much-acclaimed Swedish film A Girl With A Dragon Tattoo] - he would have done an awesome job!

So, I find it rather interesting that these photos of his that he did for the Faint magazine, actually, creeped out a lot of people in USA...Do they creep you out?

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