December 07, 2011

Fitness Harmony: A Couple's Work-Out

Exercising partners, Central Park/NYC
It's been already three days that I haven't been running in the park. It feels like a month though. Here's a thing, once you start running on a daily/regular basis, you feel addicted to the feeling afterwards - this eternal euphoria that runs through your body after a work out that releases all the stress and tiredness from your body. So, when it's not present in your life, you feel lame. At least, that's how I feel...

Personally, I don't have to have anyone to motivate me to go for a run. Neither I've ever liked the idea of personal training, which I took only once in my life and after a session of serious sit ups under the very close observation of a personal trainer who kept on saying: "One, two, three...One more set...And one more...And the last one...Ahhh, yeah, here you go...You did good...", I realized that I definitely do NOT need such a guidance, because I'd do the same set of sit ups under my own motivation. I realized that I cannot stand when someone is leaning over me and counting the sets. I just don't feel like it's working for me. I guess, I can call it a luck to be able to do all the exercising on my own and being able to motivate myself to go to work out.

However, that's said, I do find it extremely adorable when I see a couple working out together. Although, I wouldn't want to work out with my partner, especially, running side by side. 

Everyone chooses for him/herself how to exercise: solo or with someone...
When it comes to exercising - I prefer to do it solo....That's said again, every time I see a couple exercising together in harmony, I, first and foremost, think of it as a very good relationship - when two people can even work out together and - not get annoyed with each other, because, let's face it, each one of us has its own work-out pace, routine, habits, etc.

Tell me, how do you prefer to exercise: solo, with a friend/partners, personal trainer, and/or with a group?

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