December 27, 2011

From Urban Cowboys To Classic Americana: Your Take?

Jeremy Scott is a truly unique individual, or as per Latin 'interpretation' - he is a true Singularis.

You know, when you meet him, you wouldn't know he is from Kansas City - [I met him very shortly a while ago...] - and not because he does not look like a 'stereotypical' middle American, or that he does not act like one, but because he's just too cool - [as in all-over-the-place versatile, thinking outside-the-box kind of thing] - to be a Missouri-an. We usually expect someone like him - [like THAT] - to come out from a rather more fashion-sense-full city, like Paris and/or Milan...

He's always unpredictable, and I've been watching him sporadically intense, meaning - when he does come out with a new collection - I'm watching it without blinking, when he's in the hide (working on his next collection and staying out of the light-spot), I'm not specifically looking for him...(You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.)

Scott is one of those, who first messed around - [and then conquered] - the world of denim, then a cowboy element appeared.

The male model in green leather chaps and a jockstrap garnered an ovation at his Spring 2012 show.

But, here is a thing, his cowboy-inspired elements are just so cool in a so-not-cowboy-like way that it's not even considered to be anything but a design of a fab peculiarity.

Moreover, even though he's been around since, at least, 1997, he didn't go commercial as many other fashion designers did. He is not doing perfume, neither he's going into licensing. He just stands by his label - he is the last rebel standing. 

What I like about him is that he seems to be bringing back the much forgotten American symbols and colors into the fashion, such as blue/red/white colors, stars, Mickey Mouse - [and other cartoon characters] - and more. Those symbols that are mostly overlooked by now because most of the fashion designers tend to be more 'foreign' than American - more 'Japanese, French, British...' than American. Scott is not doing it, he's sticking to the motherland's 'goods' - to those signs, traditions and symbols that more or less define America...

You might remember him from his very controversial graduation show (at the Parson's school of design in New York) - a collection inspired by the Chernobyl disaster. He's been always crazy this way...thus, it's hard to expect less from his latest vision on Classic Americana...

Neither you'd expect less from the names you give to his collections: Candy Flip, Boudoir Bombshell, Hanger Appeal, Let Them Eat Gas, Mouse Trap, Men At Work, Happy Daze,  Right To Bear Arms, Eat The Rich, Tut TV, Knight Life, Iron Butterfly, and so on...

[Moreover, I have great respect for Jeremy's always choosing to use for both runaway shows and ads the models (and non-models), who represent the ultimate American diversity...]


A very cool 'Americana' - his vision of the Classic Americana...

I, personally, really dig his creative designs for simple American style sport/walking shoes. Even a gal with a very classic style would want to wear them - to be free and rebellious...[Rihanna and Lady Gaga are his biggest fans.]

How would you 'visualize' classic Americana?

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