December 04, 2011

Hipster Guys: Casually Chick

A casually chick couple - weekends is a great time for a couple to share a fab desert in a fab location. Soho/NYC

Especially very good time to spot New Yorkers casually, but stylishly dressed is - on weekends. Even on weekends, New Yorkers don't let the the weekend vibe get them out of the stylish mood. 

At the same time, they don't try to be casual - [because if they do, it's very noticeable that they try too hard...] - but rather it comes naturally to New York men to be both comfortable and fashionable by wearing everything from Rag & Bone jeans and suede Ugg Ascots to Camden and Kiburn shoes that even hold the name of To Boot New York (by Adam Derrick), mixing it with baggy/oversized sweaters, camouflage jackets and wool coats. 

Around and about Soho, NYC

Sneakers, in the likes of Converse - [all colors with an overwhelming preference for whites] - and, this season, especially in style - golden sneakers - in the likes of Gola, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci is something that is very favored with the New York men. More often than ever I see a man wearing sneakers in gold. [While glitzy, spiked men's shoes by Christian Louboutin - is something of a 'casual' luxury - a bit of an edge - that only a few can pull off].

Men's golden spikes by Christian Louboutin

I, personally, find this men's 'casually chick' style very attractive, and I believe that one should not get sloppy on weekends just because it's weekends. One can still dress effortlessly stylish... And New York men set a very good example for that. Plus, it makes a girl look very stylish too...

Tube hats, army-color inspired jackets, folded jeans and short black wool jackets/coats - make the what could be 'too casual' look very hip and very stylish without loosing that 'weekend casual' flavor...

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