December 14, 2011

My Wednesday In Pictures

It's Thursday - I know that much, but I wanted to share with you My Wednesday.

Many friends - [and some of my very curious family members] - always ask me, what my regular day is like during the week, and, because I'm usually running to something and/or from something and moving from one thing onto another thing, I keep responding that - ONE day, SOME day, I will tell you how an-hour-by-an-hour I spend my weekday...

My Wednesday, December 14, 2011

3:00 am (Tuesday night is slowly becoming Wednesday morning) – Turning off my MacAir book that I've been lately mainly using for blogging and my second job – as a journalist. Feeling good about the work accomplished (but not as happy about the late hour and the idea of being sleep-deprived AGAIN), Tuesday's work is done - as a matter of fact, it's OVERdone. Going after a glass of kefir, brushing my teeth, turning off the lights, putting on those warm socks! [Don't know about your apartment, but ours is freeeezing, and if I have to, I'd sleep in my UGGs!]

6:00 am – Waking up for the third night in a row to the loud sound of the morning alarm set on our friends' phone, who is supposed to pick it up any day now. Trying to figure out in the dark how that flip-flop old mobile device turns off - for the third time, not figuring it out, in a half-waken state of mind, frustrated, I'm locking the phone in the bathroom. Going back to bed, knowing that the sleeping 'stage' is not going to be the same. Pissed AND sleepy at the same time!

7:15 am – My sweet tone morning alarm starts to play on my iPhone, I'm turning it off, hoping to snooze for another few minutes...

8:00 am - Waking up, realizing that I overslept, and I'm having a very important business event to attend at 9:00 am! I don't remember being dressed, having to pack my work bag and puttubg on my make-up so fast in my life...

8:25 am - Out of the door. The crowd of the working professionals from the Upper East Side neighborhood 'carries' me into the subway, pushing into the subway cabin, and ending up being squeezed in. In this very moment I'm realizing that all my morning newspapers that I wanted to read on the train are out of the question at this point... Stop 1, 2, 3, 4...switching from the Green line to the Yellow line.

8:55 am - I'm finally at my morning destination - The Art Director's Club, where I was signed up to attend the Content Marketing workshop by Rebecca Lieb, the author of the book Content Marketing: Think Like a Publisher - How to Use Content to Market Online and in Social Media. I'm being pretty excited about the event and...the fact that they are serving breakfast. Coffee has never been looking soooo good before...

The event was organized by Social Media Society, which I'm being really happy about to learn that it exists in NYC.

9:00 am - I'm realizing it's my first time at the Art Director's Club! Of course, I'm being curious, which always ends up in me wondering around and checking a new place around. I'm becoming very excited because I'm seeing some interesting art and design works displayed inside the building. The culmination of the excitement is reaching when I'm ending up wondering around the women's bathroom for the reasons below:

The women's bathroom at the Art Director's Club, NYC

A wall paining/design in one of the women's bathroom's cabins.

9:05 am - As I'm making myself a cup of coffee, a woman comes up to me and complements me on my boots - [yes, the high riding boots I live in...] - and on my 'dark jeans' - an opaque charcoal gray nail polish by Opi - [the official name of which is Break A Leg-Warmer! - I bought mine in Sephora], which, apparently is a very similar color to the nail polish this woman has. So, we chit-chat over coffee and yogurt parfait until we take our places in front of the podium...

9:15 am - The event's moderator's introducing the author and guess speaker, Rebecca Lieb, who is taking the stage - and - it's the woman who just complemented me on the boots and nail polish and with whom I just chatted about my morning chaos, the lack of sleep and the fact that I'm loving my boots so much that I could live in them. "Great!" I think, way to network...

9:15-11:00 am - I'm tweeting interesting pointers about the presentation on content marketing. Three things I noted for myself - [the rest was very obvious social media / marketing 101 stuff that was not worth the price of $150.00 for the event]: 1. Content Marketing requires logic and requires long planning, 2. A company that does not do social media and is not digitally smart - is pretty much a dead company, 3. Don't be afraid to charge your clients for the social media work - in fact, you SHOULD charge them....Hmm, am I forgetting anything?

11:00 am - Absolutely can not be leaving the Club without checking out the schedule for their cool exhibits. Spotting an interesting one: New York Writes Itself presents NEW YORK TYPES, which runs December 15, 2011 – January 5, 2012, I'm taking a note and leave the building - [Judging by the art in the women's bathroom, I'd say - those folks a very serious about their art :)]

11:40 am - I'm not realizing the reality of the distance between 29th Street West and 47th Street East, and refusing to take the crowded subway - I'm walking 25 blocks to the office in heels! 

Noon - Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte is a must today! I'm seriously thinking that those 'calories' I burnt on my 25-blocks walk will be quickly picked up back by this 450-calorie latte - [yes, that's right, that's exactly the number of calories listed on Starbuck's menu]. I'm pretending not to care!

Noon - 1:00 pm - Accomplishing the impossible.

1:00 pm - Catching myself looking down my office window, wondering how the 'traffic' exists in all aspects of our lives. We seem to rush everywhere...

I'm also being tempted by the orange pillow in my office. Only if I could snooze for a few minutes. Ahh, damn 6am alarm!

1:05 pm - 3:00 pm - Accomplishing the impossible.

3:00 pm - I swore, I'd never have lunch that late again, but Ops, I did it again. Good thing, all this 'lunch place' scouting around my office has paid off. I found a gem - hot and hearty soups, sold at the street vendor healthy juice-and-soup truck on the corner of 48th and 2nd Ave. The guy can already spot me from far, so by the time I'm at the truck window, he gives me my cup of lentil and/or veggie-medley soup. (Can't beat the price of $3.00 a cup in Manhattan!)

3:10 pm - 4:30 pm - Accomplishing the impossible.

4:30 pm - On the way to the bathroom, I'm stopping to enjoy our office's lobby's Christmas decorations. What can I say - I'm a 'Christmas/New Year gal', I love everything about it, even the cheesy Christmas songs...One of my favorites is, actually, by a Canadian jazz singer Michael Bublé.

And YES - I have my own sock!
4:30 pm - 7:00 pm - Accomplishing the impossible.

7:10 pm - Trying to catch a taxi on the Second Ave., realizing that no matter how many taxi cabs are in the city, there's never enough of them - especially when you really, really need them. So, I'm stealing a taxi from a business man with a suitcase who has been trying to catch a taxi way before I got to that corner. It's not making me feel good, so I'm offering him a cab. By the time we were done being polite to each other "You take it. No - you take it. No - YOU take it...", the cab is gone. 

7:15 pm - "How could I not give my cab to a beautiful girl like you..." - he says. "Where are you going? Dinner? With a Boyfriend? No? We should go for dinner"... I'm thinking: "New York will always be New York", no matter how much they say that the ratio of men to women is 1 to 10, I'm not really experiencing that ratio much....

7:40 pm - Finally having a nice dinner to end a crazy day at a cute place in the Low East Village. Mermaid Oyster Bar is on my list of "places I like in NYC". Oysters are pretty good - my favorites are from the West Coast and/or Vermont area, but I'm also totally digging "French Grandma" martini there. It's delicious...As the waiter is coming over with my drink, I can't help myself but to mention that the name of the drink is NOT sexy. He's agreeing...] Good thing I don't have to order "French Grandpa"...Overall - a cozy place, good food, a good company. But I'm really wanting to get some sleep tonight...
Mermaid Oyster Bar, NYC

10:00 pm - Catching a train from way-downtown to way-uptown location, really hoping to silence that cell phone's morning alarm this time! Judging by the number of the people on the train, I'm realizing that Wednesday nights are as happening in NYC as are Thursday nights...So, no luck for a vacant seat...

2:00 am - Ops, I'm doing it again. I'm working my "second shift" - freelancing - till late again. Good thing, I'm thinking, it's Thursday tomorrow, and by that I mean, that Friday is almost around the corner, thus - the weekend is very close!

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