December 11, 2011

Russians Are Coming: The Russian "Truth" of The New Yorkers

More than 200 Russian residents of NYC and the boroughs/suburbs showed up in New York to protest this last Saturday (December 10, 2011) in front of the Russian Consulate on Madison Ave. and 91st Street, demanding an end to Vladimir Putin's rule and a rerun of a parliamentary election. I happened to be among them...

I know, I know. It's too much to handle for a blog that seems to address fashion, culture and lifestyle 'issues', but hey, I've been there - [and not that you've never ever in your life participated in any kind of a protest before, have you?].

I came out on a very cold Saturday morning - [yes, I need some TLC-pity from you on this one] - and, even at the possibility of missing a play at the BAM that I've been so looking forward to - Samuel Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape] - so, of course, I'd like to mention this fact of my last weekend's life. And not only to mention -  I'd like to share with you the photos I took during the protest...

This one, unless you really, really know what's going on in the Russia's politics, behind the doors, you wouldn't understand it, but it says: "Putin, come back to your wife"...It's a rather known fact among the Russians that Vladimir Putin has not only been living with his young mistress for a while now, but that he fathered a child with her...

The poster says "We Woke Up", meaning "Russians don't want to stay 'sleepy' and silent, they want to express their thoughts and anger for the government

The posters say: "Give Russia the Right To Fair Elections"(left), "For Fair Votes" (right)

The daisies are part of 'white carnations' and 'ribbons' choice of the Russians in Russia for the protests

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