January 11, 2012

Acknowledgment of Tech Fabulousity

OK, what has inspired me this time?!?

Hmm... Basically, nothing 'too extraordinary' except - OH MY GOD! I want them, and I want them in black, brown, with fur trim, and in long and leather...

I've discovered winter gloves for anything 'tablet' - [a.k.a. for anything that requires touching a screen in the below-zero weather, when, by all means, the least thing you want to do is to remove your warm gloves!]

I was hanging out on a very cold winter day in NYC - [yes, sorry, but you're now a part of my blog] - when I noticed that my friend's gloves looked rather odd - the index and thumb fingers were different color and material. They stood out in the dark, as the rest of the gloves were black. I said: "Something is wrong with your two fingers? What is this white-silver thing on them?"

Little did I know that these 'fingers' were meant to be this way - it's the touch pads meant to enable someone wearing gloves to be able to use the tablet's screens without removing the gloves.

Wow. I instantly woke up from the Stone Age!

You would think that it's a silly thing to be excited about, but for those people - [me, again, or as I call people like me - social media 'aficionados' - who are using iPhone rather often] - THE discovery of the year!

Here's what they look like unclose and personal...

I'm not going to review the all kinds of similar gadget-y gloves out there, I just saw one kind and that was enough to want the exact same kind, but for the picky ones, here's a more extensive review on all - 3! -  kinds of gloves available for the tablets, mainly iPhone/iPad.

Now, if only they could discover an accessory/gadget that could distantly spot a taxi, lure it to the place you are standing at and - [to go even further in the day dreaming] - automatically open a door for you as it pulls and stops to pick you up...That would have been fab! But only New Yorkers would understand why....

Oh, yes, I really, really want an iPhone Nano and a cool armband pouch to take it for a run in the park and/or gym...

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