January 18, 2012

Going East: Armani In The Hide

Путешествие Armani на Восток 

Have you wondered why Emporio Armani is not in the hurry to present his Spring-Summer 2012 advertising campaign? Why, unlike the other designers, his ads are nowhere to be seen for the next season? 

It's because he has been busy, way too busy in the East...

 Here's what he has been hiding from us: it's not yet available, so there are just a few images of his in-advertised advertising campaign for the next season to salivate over. The ads were shot in Hong Kong under the creative direction of Giorgio Armani himself. The ads are done by photographer Alasdair McLellan. This year’s models include Irina Kulikova, Kendra Spears, Tao Okamoto, Wang Xiao and Florian Van Bael.

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