January 28, 2012

Karl or NOT Karl?

I love when I can just stop by a store to look for one thing - [and for someone else...] - and leave the store with a few new finds that I did not expect to get at all...For myself.

I thought I spotted Karl Largerfeld's collaboration with H&M store the other day. I was quite surprised to stumble over what looked like VERY KARL LAGERFIELD - VERY CHANEL clothes, shoes and accessories at an H&M store on Fifth Avenue. I thought I could recognize his signature style, but it wasn't. Although, it did look like HIM...

Oh la la...
Of course, I couldn't leave empty-handed - the collection was rather interesting, but still perplexes me who the designer is. Although, not much of what's in the collection was becoming me, I did manage to find a short skirt with long fringe layers that I thought would be perfect for the Swing '20s Party tonight. It could have been much cooler, thought, if it was a collection by Chanel...but, Karl Lagerfeld decided to pair with Net-A-Porter, and as a result, his very signature style is now available for more fashionistas out there.

And here's a look of what I thought was Channel... I still dig the style.

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