January 13, 2012

Sightless In New York: Shapes To Frame

Matching shoes, a bag and/or lipstick to an outfit - is one thing. You can always find a solution. But matching eye-wear to a face - seems to be an almost impossible activity to do. 

On one hand, you want to get the shape of the eyeglasses that is in style and fashion - [a.k.a. oversize, round glasses per Chanel 2011-2012], but on the other hand - it's not necessary matching the shape of your face. 

A dilemma of whether to be 'fashionable' vs. 'looking good' in your eye-wear is a constant battle of the human species - [yes, even men have this problem]...

And since no one wants to look ridiculous and out of 'shape' wearing what seems to be less attractive anyway - eyeglasses, I decided that if I can come as close to what is in and timeless in the 'eye-wear fashion' then I would, and if not - get the best a*s kicking glasses to match my face so well that I'd end up looking better in them than without them on...

But here's another thing - I don't know anyone who would just pop up in an eye-care store and walk out of it in 5 minutes with a perfect pair of glasses. This thing - choosing an eyeglasses frame - is exhausting! That's why, I kept holding on to my 1999 eye-glasses for as long as I could remember, even after my mom wanted to forcefully take them away and recycle. 

I held on to them even after learning that my eyesight dropped by 3 times - I still kept those 'beloved' glasses by CK, even if it meant that I forced my eyesight to drop even more because I can't seem to be seeing a whole lot in the old glasses anymore...So, when the moment arrived, I had no better a 'partner-in-crime' to take with me to an eye-care store except for my mom, who, I could always count on for the patience for my eye-care shopping disaster. 

My mom is one of those people who would be like: "OK, now, take them off, put these ones on and step back so that I could look at you...OK, now, take these off and put these ones on and just stand there...now, move closer...turn...again...No, this color makes you too 'blue', the color hues of the frame is not becoming you...Now, put these ones on....OK, much better, but I think they are too big for you, they go way too sideways on the cheeks...Let's try these, I think the brown ones would make your eye stand out, because brown brings out the blue color..." 

 OK, you get the point. She is the best person to shop for...pretty much - anything. She's patient and considered, and thanks to her, I finally was able to walk out of an eyecare store with new frames, which, I discovered, despite its 'square' feature is as fashionable as the ones that Jackie O wore and those that seem to 'define' the 'clan' of Olsen-twins wanna-bees.

As for me, I'm pretty happy with my new found quest for hipster-intellectual cool glasses, even if they are not soooo 'Channel'... They are actually more like Prada, Ralph Lauren, and Versace sans the 'glittering jewels' part  - and THAT's good enough for me...

And on the other note, it's time to invest in the laser eyesight correction. Yikes!

Tom Ford
Robert Cavalli

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