January 03, 2012

A Stylish Freak Show

Top by Christian Dior

I love, love the digital age. As a matter of fact, I'm obsessed with the social and digital media, which comes with a territory as it's my profession. If you told me so a decade ago that I'd be using the expertise to make professional companies social and digital media savvy - I'd be very surprised by your predictions. But here I am - ten years later...dealing with the creative, social and digital media on a daily basis.

Before the digital - 3D - age, we had flat photography with, perhaps, a bit of the 'effects' of 3D, but without the actual 3D. We saw fashion designs flat, models flat, and background flat, although I still love the works of the old schoolers - Annie Leibovitz, Peter Lindbergh, Steven Meisel, Helmut Newton...But now it's all changing, and I'm not talking about the on-going battle with the too much of the photoshop retouching that sometimes makes the natural art look too unnatural and unnecessary...

Fashion Designers Reed + Rader  went even further - they did the animated fashion shoot in the theme of a 'circus'. While some sources call it a 'freak' show, I do like it - it's new, it's original, it's artistic, and whatever is artistic naturally appeals to me...However, the question is, how 'digital' we want the art go, how much to push the art form as for it to become too 'digitized"? Would the old charm of old-school art then disappear? Personally, I still prefer to see most of the films the 'old fashioned' way, and only those that base on the special effects more than on a story line, I could watch in 3D - [Alice in Wonderland, Shrek - 3, The Avatar...]

Here is the Freak Show:

Dress by Tao Comme des Garcons

Meet all the different performers in this animated fashion shoot:

Coat by Oscar De La Renta
Dress by Manish Arora
Dress by Proenza Shouler
Dress Marc by Marc Jacobs
Vest by D&G
Gloves by La Crasia
Dress by Yusuke Maegawa
Jumpsuit by Louise Gray
Coat by Paul Smith

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