January 28, 2012

True Personal And Professional Symbiosis

This is how I picture love, lust, passion and...creative symbiosis. I wanted this kind for so long too! Always a room for perfection...


My two favorite street fashion bloggers of all times - Garance Dore and Scott Schuman. I'm very close to getting to this symbiosis, I just need for the Spring to come. To be continued...

I strongly believe that it's important to know how to make a good 'home video', because 2012 will be the year that companies and individuals who can crate interesting video will be able to stand out better in the over saturation of social media.

Here are a few tips on how to make a good 'home video' for your social media endeavors:

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- Audio is the first big secret to better video. Even if you’re just using your Kodak PlayTouch (affiliate link), make sure to stand close enough to get good audio. 

- Lighting is the second big secret to better video. Even if you don’t go out and buy huge lights, don’t film in front of a window.

- Eye contact is free. Look AT the camera lens and pretend you’re looking into the eyes of a loved one.

- Speak swiftly.

- Bits. If you shoot bits, then maybe 3 minutes or less is a better guide.

- Just. Press. Record. The only way to get doing this stuff, is to get started. Learn by failing and correcting the failures. 

I hear and read a lot of people - social media / press / blogger experts say that video will be an important part of 2012 because of all the mobile and tablet devices that are now out-selling their laptop and desktop brethren. Yes, there will still be a place for text, but you are now a magazine and a TV station, so get thinking about what your TV channel (YouTube and Vimeo) means.

By the way, I'm on YouTube as well, so check me out here.

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