January 17, 2012

Winter Tale of Coats & Hats: Chasing The Impossible

Wearing a hat is...an art! Wearing a winter hat - is twice an ART

How many of you can safely say that you look - gooood - in your winter hats? I can bet you that - not many...

Usually, in the cold seasons we give up the idea of looking stylish in hats. Some of us even give up a hope to look stylish in winter coats, when it's minus degrees outside. It just happens that there are not many winter coats AND hats out there that would make us as stylish as those Jimmy Chow stilettos and Burberry trench coats. Real fur - is not even an option in NYC - [or anywhere, where animal rights activists are very active] . Have you noticed how all the coats now come 'faux fur' this, 'faux fur' that - coats with faux fur trim and/or faux shearling coat?

Let's just say that I do not believe in winter coats and hats fashion. I do believe in winter boots fashion though...

Yes, there are certain coats and hats that do make one stylish, but - overall - it's hard to stay stylish during cold seasons and, as according to an unspoken rule, general public is more concerned about 'being warm' than being stylish, per say...Except for the fashionistas who live for fashion and nothing else, and would rather get a pneumonia and/or invest in a very expensive designer's coat than show their faces in a 'standard' warm parka! A lot of men and women are willing give up the comfort of the warmth for the fashion.

Not me, though... Well, it doesn't mean, I'll just wear anything that is warm, but I'm less concerned about the 'fashionable' aspect of my winter hat and/or coat, as long as it does not look like a formless, shapeless bag over me... That's said, I do appreciate a good hat and I always take a note of what other people wear around me. New York is one of those perfect places, where everyone wears so many different styles of everything that there's absolutely no set-and-stone style that absolutely everyone follows. Almost everyone has an individual style and that's what I love about NYC - on one hand, on the other hand - what the hell is in fashion now? I often ask myself as there are many choices. In those kind of situations, I look at what's happening on the runaways... - and then compare it to the street fashion.


It's truly an art to wear a hat. I'm one of those people who cannot really pull off a hat, unless it's a masquerade of some sort and I don't care how ridiculous and/or uncomfortable I might look and feel wearing a hat. I just know that it's a 'one time' only occasion.

Every time I see a hat at a store, I'm very tempted to buy it. I try it on. I visualize it with other accessories and the overalls that I have. I go through various combinations of my clothes that could go with a hat. Then I put it back on a shelf and walk away. And I do it every single time!

Every time I walk away without buying any hats, hoping that NEXT time it would happen! But the exact same thing happens over, and over, and over again...I walk out. Empty-handed.

So, what designers are offering us this season?...I'm, definitely, digging Louise Vuitton hats, although the most fitting one for me is the ones by Hermes...

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton

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