February 15, 2012

Behind-The-Scenes Men Style Profile: Irina Shabayeva Fall 2012

Sometimes it's the general public at a fashion show that has most interesting looks - not even the show's models...

At Irina Shabayeva's Fall 2012 Collection fashion show I really liked the men's styles.These men pulled off a very urban "New York" fashion style very well, very easy.

Cargo pants, army boots, clean cut bright color jacket and a fedora...and a scarf
By the way, The New York Fashion Week is about to end (February 16), and the Couture Fashion Week New York will start (February 17-19), so the days are just about to start super early and end very late for me on the weekend. Something that is the least favorite part of the fashion shows for me.

I have a question for you : do you usually look forward to fashion week(s) or are you weary of it ? What kind of coverage would you like to see?

A very interesting look...like a modern version of a "scientist"
These dress shoes are plenty nice - with cap toes in which the upper is pink but the cap is brown. You can literally wear them with anything — and you'll look plenty bad-ass while doing so.
Embroidered sneakers - pretty popular right now...
A very 'eco-friendly', 'organic' Earthy look - from top to bottom...
Harem jeans - (as in my favorite - I have three Paris of Harem jeans myself!], Fedora and don't let these old-looking rugged booties fool you - neither they are old, nor they are cheap...A very 'IT' look for both women' and men's footwear.

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