February 05, 2012

Countdown To New York Fashion Weeks: In Anticipation

It's time to bring out and about my new camera. It's time to shoot some serious fashion...


I finally got the perfect occasion to do so - the New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Couture Fashion Week Fall 2012 that are starting next week - [running February 9-16, 2012 and February 17-19, 2012] - with the pre-parties and pre-castings in the city happening already. [As a matter of fact, I'm starting to notice some very skinny tall young girls more and more on the streets of NYC, perhaps they are coming from other parts of the world just in time for castings, try-ons and walking the runaways, if chosen.]

And I've got my pass...

Walid Atallah (Dubai) collection Spring 2012, Couture Fashion Week/September 2011

Nedret Taciroglu (Turkey) collection Spring 2012, Couture Fashion Week/September 201
Pilar Macchione (USA) collection Spring 2012, Couture Fashion Week/September 2011
I'm back on the scene and I'm very excited not only for the upcoming runaway shows, but also for what I'll be able to shoot 'behind the scenes'...

Nothing is more thrilling in New York as the days of the fashion week shows, when the city becomes even more alive, busy and - so damn fashionable - with the overflow of the stylish crowd from around the world - press, PR, designers, models, fashionistas, buyers... - you name it.

Of course, not everyone in the city is happy about it as many venues will be closed for private and VIP parties for the industry players, but nevertheless, NYC will change for those times - [and absolutely everyone will be affected by it].

It'll become even more alive and happening, and I, personally, love those times. Also because I meet new and interesting people during those in-between the fashion shows times when I get to talk to other fashion journalists, bloggers and photographers, as well as interview the designers and converse with their cool PR folks that are sometimes pain the butt, but knowing what they are going through - it kind of excuses them for the temper they have.

It's all good, it's all good...

Meet the press: the shoot I took to the left of where I stood for the Couture Fashion Week Spring 2012 shows (September 2011)

Besides, of course, being exposed to the exciting 'fashionable mess' of the fashion weeks' scenery, I'm ecstatic to finally get a perfect chance to get my Canon T3i out of that box and start using it at its full capabilities. The NY Fashion Weeks is the perfect situation to do so. And I've got just the right set up for it... up close and personal one.

Last week I got my press accreditation to The Couture Fashion Week 2012 that I've been covering for the past few years. Each year the Couture Fashion Week runaway shows surprise me more and more with its diverse array of the designers from around the world. There are some true gems, some of whom have not even been discovered yet in America. I'm absolutely ecstatic to see what designers and from what countries have been chosen to showcase this time - for the Fall 2012 collections.

In the last few years I've seen the works by the designers - both established and beginners - from Turkey, Lebanon, Russia, Italy, Dubai, Germany, Romania, India, Beirut, Brazil, USA, South Africa, China, Norway, etc. And I was amazed by those collections, which I've been telling you all about in my blog last year.

Romanitza (Romania) collection Spring 2012, Couture Fashion Week/September 2011

Those few days of the shootings will be a great to try it all, as the activities at the shows, as well as in between and prior/after the shows requiring different settings of a camera: from shooting stills of the fashion shows decors, models walking the runaway to the after-show stylish crowds, I'll finally get to experiment with my new camera. I also remember how overwhelming it was to shoot 4-5 shows a day and then edit hundreds of the photos, along with the conducted interviews, and doing a post-show coverage within the very first days of the shows... Nevertheless, it's always both exciting and exhausting, but totally pays off by being a first-hand witness of some beautiful work...

Here's what's cooking in the fashion weeks' schedule for February 2012 - some of the designers I've seen before and am excited to see what they bring this time around!

Couture Fashion Week New York February 17-19, 2012:

Friday, February 17, 2012

  • "Collection Amoureux" - Couture Bridal Hair Designs by Elie Esper
  •  Sushma Patel (Performance by singer Nikoleta Rallis)
  • Isabel Zapardiez - Couture Bridal Designs (Pietra Banchi Performance by singer Sinem Saniye)
  • Yuliana Candra for BlacMéra 
  • Laura Williams (Performances by singer Reagan Richards and singer Sinem Saniye)

Saturday, February 18, 2012
  • Nedret Taciroglu - a Turkish designer who I've taken a note of at the last show I've covered...
  • Patuna Bushyhead (Performance by singer Nini Shermadini) 
  • Catalin Botezatu Kostas Outerwear (Performances by singers Veronica Iovan and Nini Shermadini)  
  • Jet Art by Princess Tarinan Von Anhalt 
  • Andres Aquino (Performances by singers Sarah Elizabeth Charles, Veronica Iovan, Carole Bufford; pianists Prince Igor and Laura Korpa; cellist Gjilberta Gelaj)

Sunday, February 19, 2012 

  • Luis Machicao 
  • LaureLuxe - Metal Couture 
  • Romero Bryan 
  • Janerations - Couture Knitwear 
  • Sandra Baquero (Performances by pianist Laura Korpa and singer Reagan Richards)
  • ALICAT Avril Lemieux 
  • Sai Suman (Performance by singer Cynthia Basinet) 

The Couture Fashion Week always showcases a runaway collection by the founder and director of the week, Andres Aquino - [the last show on Saturday] - who is a true visionary. I've spoken with him a few times to learn what made him want to bring the unknown - [but very talented] - designers from around the world when it's an already highly competitive and over-saturated industry as it is... and he always speaks passionately about the designers who he helps to find the way to the American fashion scenery and market.

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