February 21, 2012

Couture Fashion Week New York: ALICAT Avril Lemieux (USA)

This is the Fall 2012 Collection by a New York City-based designer ALICAT Avril Lemieux.

I found the collection very 'French', if I must say so. Very noir. I don't know if Avril Lemieux meant it to be this way, but aside from the chains - a rather interesting take on a classic ala Marlene Dietrich look - her designs reminded me of the Parisian 60s - [only if I could do a soundtrack for this blog post, I'd do this one...]

This is actually not the first time Avril Lemieux presents her collection at the Couture Fashion Week New York. It's designer's second appearance. ALICAT Avril Lemieux's Fall 2012 collection for men and women is entitled "Stolen Loot". Her inspiration for this line is the idea of high rollers, follies girls, and robbers. Embodying their free movement yet ever chained to the game and money. If you steal it do you truly own it...?




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